Harry Styles is no more single as he is reportedly seeing a food blogger Tess Ward, who belongs to the U.K. She is quite active on Instagram where she loves to share her recipes. She is also educationally qualified and crazy about traveling.

Harry Styles is said to be dating Tess Ward, a chef and food blogger. According to People, the 23-year-old-singer is really close to Tess and both have hit it off pretty well. In fact, when Harry met Tess, sparks started flying instantly and their bonding has become quite strong. Sources say that their mutual love for food and fashion brought them closer and before they could realize, things took a romantic turn and now Styles is serious about her.

In fact, they have gone on multiple dates, thanks to Harry's stylist Lou Teasdale, who introduced Tedd to the singer. She has also met some close friends of Harry and it is said that the "One Direction" singer is serious about her. It is unlike all his past relationships and therefore, he is taking his steps very carefully as he does not want to mess things up.

Meanwhile, Tess Ward also seems to have it in her personality that would make her a fitting lady love to Harry Styles, E! News claimed. The food blogger is said to be passionate about traveling and her website says that she has been to many parts of the world. She recently went to Mexico, Italy and New York. Also, she is a social media buff and likes to share her recipes on Instagram.

Her LinkedIn profile says that she has been a freelance food journalist and writer and trained at The Ritz and River Cottage. Tess has also tried her hand in kickboxing. Her book "The Naked Diet," released in 2015, is fairly popular and tells readers about dishes that take less time to cook and are full of energy. Well, fans can only hope that things keep going great between Harry Styles and Tess Ward, as they are going now.