Queen Elizabeth has asked Prince William and Prince Harry to follow the footsteps of their grandfather Prince Philip and behave like him. She is not happy with their soul-baring and would like them to show more restraint and responsibility in their public behavior.

While the people at large might be applauding the frankness of Prince William and Harry, Queen Elizabeth would like them to be stately, The Sun claimed. She has even asked the brothers to stop their soul-baring in public and put more emphasis on their state duties. More so because, Prince Philip has announced his retirement from public engagements and would step down in autumn.

Notably, Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken up about the loss of their mother and how they dealt with the trauma. The two have been vocal about supporting causes such as mental health and also participated in the Health Together mental health campaign. In fact, the brothers are also known to be more frank and outgoing as compared to the other uptight royal members of the family.

Prince William married a commoner Kate Middleton and Prince Harry is dating "Suits" actress Meghan Markle. Both have defied the norms but the Queen would like them to follow her husband. According to Fox News, she wants the two to take more responsibilities as the 95-year-old Prince Philip has announced his retirement. He would be stepping down in autumn and that means the two princes have to pull up their socks.

They would be required to take up more duties and this is why Queen Elizabeth feels that they should focus on the same. She looks forward to seeing a restrained and stately Prince William and Prince Harry who are in sync with the sensibilities of Buckingham Palace. It would be interesting to see how much of an impact her advice would have on the royal brothers.