"Wonder Woman" final trailer brings to fore a badass and fearless Diana who is breaking windows and glass ceilings. However, the trailer also suggests changes in the storyline that viewers will see on screen and the most upsetting part is that the much-awaited Amazon tournament will not take place.

"Wonder Woman" final trailer has been released and it shows Princess Diana in a fearless avatar breaking glass ceilings and windows. According to Entertainment Weekly, "Wonder Woman" final trailer was released on Sunday at the MTV Movie & TV Awards night and it shows Diana's journey towards becoming a soldier.

"Wonder Woman" final trailer has Diana in the fighting mode but her mother Queen Hippolyta tells her that fighting does not make one a hero. Nevertheless, the sprightly warrior persists and things take a different turn when soldier Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) crash lands near her place, informing her about the big bad war going outside.

In the meantime, it is said that "Wonder Woman" final trailer indicates changes made by director Patty Jenkins, claimed Screen Rant. The trailer hints at Diana aka "Wonder Woman" being the daughter of Zeus. Unlike the DC comic story, she is not the winner of the tournament who leaves home after being chosen the champion and the best of her Amazon society.

"Wonder Woman" final trailer pretty much suggests that there would not be any tournament at all which is indeed a disappointment for the fans. It shows Diana leaving with Steve quietly in the night with only her mother Hippolyta bidding her goodbye. There are also strong hints that Diana would never return to her homeland and she would also dismiss her mother's warning to stay safe, thereby, revealing herself.

It would be interesting to see how the changes impact the flavor of the much-awaited movie. "Wonder Woman" hits the theaters on June 2.