Sheikh Abdul Hasib, the ISIS leader in Afghanistan was reportedly killed in raids that were conducted by the US troops and Afghan special security forces, on April, 27. However, the government awaited confirmation of the news about the militant's death, so the news was announced late.

ISIS leader, Sheikh Abdul Hasib has been killed in raids that that were orchestrated by the Afghan special security forces and the US troops on April 27. According to reports from CNN, the Pentagon had confirmed that Sheikh Abdul Hasib was the target of the raid that was conducted by 40 Afghan commandos and the fifth US Army rangers.

The rangers were dropped about a mile from Nangarhar Province by helicopters but soon, support from aircrafts, Apache helicopters and drones were called for due to heavy fire. But they were successful in accomplishing their target. Commander US Forces - Afghanistan, General John Nicholson said in a statement that in the last nine months, it was the second ISIS-K leader who was killed, New York Times has learned. Moreover, he also said that during the raids, a number of other high ranking ISIS-K leaders were also killed along with many more ISIS fighters.

Notable, the news of Sheikh Abdul Hasib's death was announced in a statement that was released on Sunday from the President's office after verifications were done to confirm Hasib's death. President Ashraf Ghani's office also confirmed the news on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning here that Sheikh Abdul Hasib was responsible for numerous attacks in Afghanistan that hampered the country's security situation. He was also the one who gave out instructions of attacking a hospital in Kabul, beheading elders and also kidnapping girls. Moreover, the ISIS-K also tortured and killed a lot of the Afghan people, especially of southern Nangarhar with their barbaric violence and cruelty.