U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to White House. But it looks like not all people are pleased with this invitation because of how the latter is dealing with drug war in his country.

It was reported that last Saturday, Donald Trump tale dot Rodrigo Duterte in a phone call conversation which was in time for the recently concluded ASEAN Summit. With this, one of the things the two leaders discussed was Trump's invitation for Duterte to come and visit White House.

According to The Chicago Tribune, a lot expressed their disappointment and concern regarding this invitation. As reported, Trump should not invite Duterte in the first place since the latter is a violator of human rights.

It can be recalled that when President Rodrigo Duterte took his office, one of his main programs is to eradicate drug problem in the country. However, right from the start or the implementation, it already gained a lot of criticisms mostly from human rights groups. International media and organization also expressed their concern over the massive killings which were tagged as extrajudicial killings.

But it looks like President Rodrigo Duterte got a support from President Donald Trump since it was reported before that the U.S. president allegedly expressed his support over Duterte's drug war and he doesn't see any wrong with this.

Unlike U.S. former President Barack Obama which also criticized Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs telling that this is a complete violation of the human rights. This was also the reason, according to The New York Times that Obama canceled his meeting with Duterte September of last year.

With this latest report, it was also claimed that Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte's meeting will tackle the situation in North Korea right now. In fact, the White House defended that the purpose of the meeting is because Trump knows that he needs the support of ASEAN countries to help him deal with the problem in North Korea's nuclear testing programs.

With the impending meeting of U.S. President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, some reports were claiming that the relationship between the two countries is getting warm and shifting. These two nations have maintained a good relationship over the years.