The semifinals of the Eastern Conference was not seemingly good for Boston Celtics but the team's star point guard, Isaiah Thomas' grit inspite of losing a tooth helped the team to win the game against Washington Wizards from a 17 point deficit. Surprisingly, it was just a day after he attended his sister's funeral and the dear loss had him contemplating quitting.

The Eastern Conference semifinals had a rather slow start for the Boston Celtics. The Washington Wizards were overpowering them and the score stood at 16-0. But the Celtics had the game turned around with some rotations and with the team's star point guard, Isaiah Thomas being swapped for diverse defensive mismatches.

As the game was progressing to the advantage of the Celtics, Thomas lost a tooth as Otto Porter's right elbow hit him, NBA reported. Thomas' first reaction was however not to roll on the floor in pain but he simply picked his teeth up from the court and acted like nothing had happened.

Inspite of the pain, Thomas was in good spirit and he was seen smiling, revealing the gap in his teeth, to his teammates and coach, Brad Stevens. The second quarter of the game saw the Boston Celtics turning the game around and according to FTW, Thomas was also back after the doctor 'repositioned his teeth.

Isaiah Thomas' focus, will and determination was praised by his teammates and also by the team's coach, especially considering the situation that he was going through in his life off the court. He had just lost his younger sister, Chyna in a car accident. And it was just a day before the match that Thomas attended the funeral of his sister.

It was a heart breaking time and the loss had Thomas thinking about quitting. But, he chose to dedicate everything that he did to his dear sister.