The first-ever NBA Awards will have several award categories but the winner for six categories will be decided by the votes of the fans and now the finalists for these categories have been announced. The main event will take place on June 26 at the Basketball City in New York.

The first of its kind NBA Awards will have six categories in which winners will be decided by the votes of the fans. According to NBA, the names of these categories and the corresponding finalists have now been declared. What is more, the voting has started and fans can vote for their favorites by logging on to the official site as well as through social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These fan-voted award categories include Assist of the Year, best Style, Block of the Year, Dunk of the Year, Game winner of the Year and Top Performance of the Year. All the categories have three finalists except Top Performance of the Year in which the number is four. The awards in these fan-voted categories, as well as the ones that will be decided by judges, will be announced and presented on June 26 at Basketball City in New York.

Also, Drake has been chosen to host the event, ABS-CBN reported. The Canadian rapper will take charge of the event that will also be telecasted live on TNT. Apart from the fan-voted award categories mentioned above, the ones that will be adjudicated by judges include Sixth Man Award, Most Improved Player, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year.

For those who do not know, Drake is known to share the passion for the basketball game and has been often spotted watching matches as the audience, cheering his favorite team. Also, he is the ambassador for his hometown team Toronto Raptors.