"General Hospital" offers some explosive drama on Friday episode. Ava, the vengeful sister meets her brother and asks him a tough question. Liz and Jason come together for the sake of Jake but Sonny backstabs Carly by putting Jax in trouble and Sam confronts her mother about her time with her dad.

"General Hospital" Friday episode greets viewers to some intense and intriguing drama. According to "General Hospital" spoilers from SoapHub, Ava goes to PCPD with Scott to pay a visit to her brother Julian. However, her heart is still full of bitterness about the past when Julian left her in the lurch and did nothing to bail her out despite being aware of the truth. So, when they meet she asks him why she should not give him a taste of his own medicine.

On the other hand, Sonny has given Jax a bitter pill to swallow. "General Hospital" spoilers hint at Jax being questioned by immigration officials for his illegal stay. An ICE agent turns up at Carly's home and warns Jax that he is overstaying which makes the former feel betrayed. She cannot imagine that Sonny would do such a thing but Sonny could not forgive Jax for sleeping with Carly and struck at him when he got the opportunity and Jason has a hand in it.

Speaking of opportunity, Liz and Jason are aware that they cannot let this chance go astray and thus, come together for the sake of their son Jake. Still, things could go awry as "General Hospital" spoilers hint at Liz making a call and it is not clear if it is Jason on the other end or Franco. Lastly, Sam wants an answer from Alexis.

She saw her with her father and wants to know what happened between them. "General Hospital" spoilers indicate at a grilling session about the night before and Alexis comes clean about it but it is not known if she gives away all the details.

"General Hospital" airs on weekdays on ABC.