"Days of Our Lives" Thursday episode is a roller coaster ride for it sees Salemites going through good and bad times. While Kayla and Tripp come closer, Julie and Gabi get involved into a nasty fight. Steve reconnects with Adrienne after a long time and Abi is spending time alone after walking out on Chad at their marriage vows renewal ceremony.

"Days of Our Lives" Thursday episode sees bonding and bickering in fine measure. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Kayla and Tripp find themselves connecting with each other after the latter gets embroiled in a fight at the Brady Pub. As the fight erupts, it seems like Tripp would be in major trouble but Kayla arrives in time and gets him out of the sordid situation and the stepson finds himself developing a soft corner for his stepmother.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers also indicate a reunion for Tripp's father Steve. After a long time, he meets Adrienne and they share their joys and sorrows with each other. Steve tells her that he found out his stepson Tripp and it remains to be seen what would be her take on this development and if she would offer him some advice.

Speaking of advice, Julie has already told Eli that she does not like Gabi and would appreciate it if he found out someone else. However, Eli is not willing to change his mind and goes out on a date with Gabi but things take an awful turn. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that Julie and Gabi get involved in a fierce confrontation which leads to one of the women getting admitted to hospital.

Last but not the least, Abi is mulling her future after walking out on Chad and "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that viewers are in favor of the duo coming together. The majority feels that they are made for each other and Chad is just confused about his feelings at present and deserves a second chance.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on NBC on weekdays.