"General Hospital" Thursday episode is laden with mystery and revelations that have come to haunt Port Charles denizens in different ways. While Jason and Liz are anxious about Jake's condition, Jake confides in Franco which does not go down well with his parents. Tracy seeks Finn's help regarding a paternity test and a guest from Turkey could mean trouble for Monica.

"General Hospital" Thursday episode comes across as a revelation as it lays bare skeletons holed up in the cupboard and sees characters facing challenges in their lives. According to "General Hospital" spoilers from SoapHub, Jason and Liz are troubled after finding out that Jake does not find his doctor trustworthy but confides in Franco about his trauma. Jason is particularly upset with this finding and cannot bear it. He tells Liz that he will not tolerate it but she is not sure if removing Franco from the scenario would be beneficial.

As far as Franco is concerned, he has won Jake's trust and the latter likes him. He can open up to him without any inhibition and what he reveals about his experiences leaves Franco worried. "General Hospital" spoilers hint at the kid disclosing that the scarecrow he drew was Jason and he is afraid of him. Also, Jake feels that Jason might have changed but he is still scared of his darker side lurking behind that changed exterior. The art therapist tells Kiki that Jake could be in major problem.

Among others, Tracy asks Finn to help her figure out if the guest from Turkey is actually Edward's child. "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Finn is alarmed at this request and questions her about her intentions but she does not say anything except that he do him the favor she is asking for. It will be interesting to see if Finn would agree to the same. Also, Monica would be seen evading a muscular guy who is looking for their houseguest.

"General Hospital" airs on weekdays on ABC.