"General Hospital" Wednesday episode brings forth some intriguing twists and interesting turns. Finn appears to go missing but is eventually found in a miserable state and Griffin comes to his rescue. Anna gets the upper hand and refuses to help Laura in her war against Valentin. Ned tells his mother that Olivia has agreed to marry him and Nina accuses Valentin of hiding something from her.

"General Hospital" Wednesday episode is an exciting ride for fans as there are unexpected twists on the way. According to "General Hospital" spoilers from SoapHub, Finn appears to have disappeared as Hayden informs Curtis that she needs his help. Curtis asks her if it is about Finn and she answers in affirmative telling him that Finn is missing. However, the case is not that miserable as it sounds.

Later, it turns out that Finn is in trouble and standing in a lane. "General Hospital" spoilers say that he looks like a mess as he has wandered into some unknown alley in search of more drugs but thankfully Griffin arrives in time to help him out. Sadly, that is not the case with Laura as she finds out that Anna does not want to support her any longer. The former has just returned from her trip and immediately lands at the latter's place telling her that she would need her help.

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Laura lets Anna know that she would no longer be scared of Valentin and asks her for assistance but Anna says that her involvement is over. Speaking of Valentin, he receives a gift and soon after, Nina visits him which makes him hide the present. A suspicious Nina accuses him of concealing something from her.

It remains to be seen if he will be caught or use his smooth ways to get out of the situation. Last but not the least, "General Hospital" spoilers hint at Ned breaking some good news to his mother Tracy who has just returned from a trip. He tells her that Olivia has agreed to marry him!

"General Hospital" airs on weekdays on ABC.