"Days of Our Lives" Thursday episode sees Salem city in action as there is a lot going on in everybody's life. Abi is stung with Kate for persuading Chad to reunite with Gabi and calls her out for her interference. Sonny is having a hard time and is filled with rage for Deimos but Hope finds an ally in Rafe as he decides to support her against Deimos.

"Days of Our Lives" viewers have a thrilling Thursday episode in store as a big confrontation is waiting to happen between two women. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Abi and Kate face off as the former is fed up of the latter's interference in her personal life. Abi is already worried about Chad's soft corner for Gabi and now that Kate has been convincing him that he and Gabi are made for each other, it is too much for Abi. She does not like Kate's intrusion and makes it clear to her.

On the other hand, Hope finds an unexpected ally in Rafe when he joins her in her plans to take down Deimos. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers hint at the two eavesdropping on him in order to get some information about his moves. Notably, Rafe had come to know that Hope had bugged Deimos but it was not clear if he would back her motives. Thankfully, he is by her side and it would be interesting to see when they find some breakthrough.

As for Deimos, he has demoted Sonny and now the latter is seething with anger. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers indicate that he has revenge on his mind and he has made it pretty clear that he despises Deimos. He does not like the way he is handling things at Titan and is on the lookout for some evidence to throw him out of the company. Lastly, Eduardo and Dario also receive a jolt as the Orwell Device fails them and they are back to where they had begun.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.