The late Princess Diana was a true humanitarian who left behind a rich legacy for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. The good news is that both have made her proud with their work. They are taking her legacy forward and doing the best they can to fulfill her dreams and aspirations.

Princess Diana was the "Princess of the People" in the real sense of the word and her social work has left an indelible trail, which her sons have followed with great commitment, claimed E!News. Prince William and Prince Harry are very attached to the causes the princess associated herself with during her lifetime and have been doing great work in different areas. 

To give an example, a landmines-free world was one of the causes dear to Princess Diana's heart and during her Angolan minefield visit in 1997, she was photographed walking the mines in a vest and helmet. Later on, Prince Harry got involved in this cause and became the patron of the Halo Trust in 2013 that aims to free the world from landmines by 2025. His involvement with AIDS eradication is also noteworthy and he has been very active in Africa, the continent notorious for the disease.

As far as Prince William is concerned, he keeps up the good work done by his mother. During his recent India visit, he brought Princess Diana back to public memory and also fulfilled one of her wishes. He sat down with his wife Kate Middleton on the same bench before the Taj Mahal, on which his mother had sat alone 24 years back as Prince Charles had refused to join her.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry have made a place in the hearts of the people as well, just like her mother, Princess Diana.