"General Hospital" Wednesday episode has interesting twists and turns waiting for viewers as the characters find themselves in different challenging situations. While Valentin tries to get answers from Anna after she shows up at his place, Jax makes a confession before Carly, who is pretty shocked after hearing him out. Ava is in trouble and seeks Scott's help and Dante is intrigued with Lulu's revelation.

"General Hospital" Wednesday episode offers to be an exciting treat for the medical drama has several things happening at different fronts. According to spoilers from SoapHub, Anna and Valentin face off after the latter shows up at his place. He wants answers from her and demands to know why she is back. He has told her everything that she wanted to know and looks forward to her returning the gesture. As for Anna, she is feeling sorry for the pain she caused him and it remains to be seen she will sort out their issues in time.

"General Hospital" spoilers also hint at some confession from Jax's side as he tells Carly that it was he who bought Nelle's kidney from her adoptive father, who also happened to be Nelle's dad. Carly is shocked at this admission as he never told her about this. As for Nelle, Lulu has found a friend in her and the latter confides in Dante about this development.

Also, "General Hospital" spoilers say that Sonny comes across Nelle and warns her to be alert. Nelle has other things going for her as well as Josslyn feels for her but cannot decide if she should take the plunge. Josslyn vents out her conflict to Michael and says that somewhere she still has a soft corner for Nelle.

Last but not the least, Ava finds herself in a tight spot as she is scared of the pills the police has in possession. "General Hospital" spoilers indicate that she would go to Scott for help and it would be interesting to see if he will bail her out or make things more difficult.

"General Hospital" airs on weekdays on ABC.