"Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 1 hit TV sets on Tuesday and it was pretty much the edge-of-the-seat-drama viewers were expecting. It started off with Lincoln losing hopes about Michael's comeback and then getting an unexpected clue that leads him to Yemen but before that he goes through his share of tussles and also finds allies.

"Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 1 titled "Ogygia" premiered on Tuesday and it was thrilling and moving, at the same time. According to People, Michael, who was thought to be dead, was finally traced by his brother Lincoln in Yemen. Starting off, Lincoln visits the grave of his brother and wishes how nice it would have been if he were there to help him. Serendipity smiles on him and his search leads him to dig the grave and he is convinced that Michael may be alive.

The slip that T-Bag gave him carried the name "Ogygia" and Google search revealed that it was a prison in Yemen.  "Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 1 sees Lincoln visiting Sara and he asks her to join him but she says that she cannot leave Jacob and Michael Jr alone. Luck again favors him when C-Note, a former Fox River inmate who is fighting Islamic radicalism, comes forward to help him.

Later on, Sucre makes a somewhat funny entry and joins him, telling him that he would be of help. However, the ultimate surprise of "Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 1 was C-NOTE landing at the airport to join the two. Lastly, the trio land up in Yemen and after a brief scuffle and some fighting, they arrive at Ogygia but not before Lincoln surrenders his passport.

However, the risk seems to be worth it as "Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 1 finally brings the brothers face to face. Sadly, Michael is revealed to be a terrorist and he also refuses to recognize Lincoln, who is left screaming as to why his brother was doing this.

"Prison Break" Season 5 Episode 2 titled "Kaniel Outis" airs on April 11 on Fox.