Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae had been one of the undeniable power couples in South Korea nowadays. As usual, rumors have been rampant about the “Dream High” actress and “City Hunter” actor splitting up. Yet, recently, reports have been out that the couple had celebrated their second anniversary.

According to IB Times, the Korean A-list couple had announced their relationship last 2015 and had celebrated their second anniversary last April 3 with a small party with friends and family. No confirmations have been made from Lee Min Ho and former Miss A’s sides.

Starhaus Entertainment, the “Get Up” actor’s agency was then said to be the first to confirm the couple’s relationship as they said the two started dating for a month last 2015. Regarding the anniversary celebration, JYP Entertainment, Suzy Bae’s agency released an official statement on the matter. “We saw the news, but we will not release an official statement regarding the private life of our artists."

Nonetheless, amid headlines surrounding the “Legend of the Blue Sea” actor, the recent report was his shocking experience while filming MBC’s documentary, “The Wild.” The actor was then reported to be attacked by seagulls and have one pooped on him per All Kpop.

Lee Min Ho said that he could still hear the seagull’s terrifying cries and he thinks that he is going mad. "It must have been tough even for the baby seagulls. They probably perceived us humans as unwelcomed visitors," he further explained. “The Heirs” actor then joked that his good looks weren’t enough to prevent the birds from attacking him.

As usual, some netizen fans of the “Bounty Hunter” actor took it as a positive event and took on the brighter side instead. One commented that bird’s feces were considered as good luck in Korea while the others blamed the bird for being at fault. Another mentioned as well that it must’ve been though for Lee Min Ho to have that kind of experience and that the netizen didn’t know such place existed in Korea.

Rest assured, the couple is in good terms as Suzy Bae is now reported to shoot a new upcoming drama “While You Were Sleeping” while Lee Min Ho prepares to serve in the military.