“Produce 101” has one of its trainees, Han Jong Yeon to be undergoing a huge fuss about his past classmate accusing him of bullying and forcing classmate to masturbate in front of others. Jong Yeon was then reported to have decided to leave the show for good.

According to Asian Junkie, Han Jong Yeon’s classmate who is accusing him is Lee Kangto. Kangto then posted on Facebook what the 19-year-old trainee had done to him in their elementary days. In which forcing him to masturbate in front of others was mentioned. Described as the things Kangto won’t forget, he added that “I went back and forth between life and death all throughout elementary and middle school.”

Furthermore, Kangto noted that aside from forcing him to masturbate, Han Jong Yeon and gang also forced him to fight with other kids. Kangto also mentioned that he was made not to eat lunch as well and had been shoved inside a broom closet as well. Kangto then said that the "Produce 101" trainee might not remember him since there are a lot of Yeon’s victims.

Hence, Maroo Entertainment released a response regarding the issue per Korea Boo. The agency then revealed that Han Jong Yeon decided to take his time off from “Produce 101” Season 2. The agency responsible for Jong Yeon also said that they and Yeon already met with the victims of the trainee and sincerely apologized.

Maroo Entertainment’s letter then cleared that “We want to add that the author of a post that detailed forceful masturbation and other allegations has been found to have made false statements. Han Jong Yeon never made anyone masturbate and people who spread false rumors will be dealt with lawful prosecution from the authorities.”

Again in the last part of the letter, Maroo Entertainment asked apology for all the fans that supported “Produce 101” trainee, Han Jong Yeon and those who had suffered. The company then added that they would ensure that Jong Yeon will undergo deep reflection and would be back better and improved after his break.