“Doctor Who” introduced his first openly gay character Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie. Hence, rumors have fussed regarding her open sexuality. Yet, the BBC Series’ boss has something to say about it.

In an interview with Digital Spy, “Doctor Who” director, Steven Moffat revealed that he, Mackie and the rest of the cast didn’t expect that an issue with Bill Pott’s sexuality would be an issue. He then stated that it should stop and shouldn’t be headlined.

"We didn't expect all the fuss, so the fuss stops now – and just now I'm talking to the journalists here because as you see, there are children here and they are much, much wiser than our generation,” he strongly stated. Moffat then added that as “Doctor Who” is a children’s show, they wouldn’t understand the fuss that people were making.

The showrunner also for “Sherlock” then added that children shouldn’t feel that being gay is a special case since that would be frightening. Moffat also said that having a bisexual character on the show is “not rare” pertaining to Captain Jack and Madame Vastra. The “Doctor Who” boss then concluded that "It's not your job, journalists, to frighten children. It is my job!"

Regarding the “Pilot” Episode of “Doctor Who” Season 10 Episode 1, Mashable shared that It would be the perfect introduction for newbies who had just watched the series. The first episode was then recapped that Doctor Who noticed Bill sneaking into his lectures. The two then spent time together as Bill learns more about the doctor’s identity. The episode then revealed Pott’s relationship with a girl she met on campus.

The new companion introduced in “Doctor Who” then aids to solve a mystery involving a puddle. The new trio of Pearl Mackie, Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas then worked well together. It was then hinted by Lucas that his character Nardole has a “very definite reason” why he is there. The episode 1 of the series then exactly aired as what Moffat had said, “the story begins again.”
“Doctor Who” returns to BBC One on April 15 at 7:20 p.m.