Harry Styles reportedly hates the idea that people start to compare him Justin Timberlake as a lot of his fans too are telling that he is the next Justin. However, he really doesn't want the comparison and wants to be the one people compare instead of that.

Reports were claiming that Harry Styles will be releasing his first single as a solo artist on April 7 and with this, a lot of his fans are already thrilled. As he will be dropping his new music on that day, a lot of people are already expecting biggest things from the said singer.

Even prior to the release of his new music, a lot of people and folks in the industry are already starting to compare him with Justin Timberlake. It can be recalled that Justin made huge waves in his solo career with his massive solo success after his successful stint with the popular boyband, "NSYNC."

With that comparison, Harry Styles knows that there is a lot to live up to knowing the success of Justin Timberlake. Further, he is really aware how important is his next stage of his career while he stepped out from "One Direction." He simply wants to make a splash not only for his career but for his fans as well as per The Sun.

However, some reports were claiming that Harry Styles is not going to be the next Justin Timberlake this time. He is heading to his music journey wherein he is going to be the first Harry Styles. Simply, he wants to be the one people compare instead of being compared to the former "NSYNC" vocalist.

Despite his persistence, some people spotted similarities between Harry Styles and Justin Timberlake. Harry has always been regarded as the greatest heartthrob in his band just like Justin was in NSYNC. Among all the members of One Direction, Harry's music is the most anticipated one and expected to make a huge hit. The famous singer also tried his skills in acting when he joined WWII drama Dunkirk which will be realised in July and Justin was like this too.

For this period of time, fans are waiting for the release of Harry Styles first solo music on April 7 which is reportedly titled, Sign of the Times." Along with his launching as a solo artist, people will get to notice if they see Justin Timberlake in him or not.