Niall Horan chatted with Ryan Seacrest on Los Angeles' 102.7 KIIS-FM radio on Wednesday morning on speculations that the former and Selena Gomez were rekindling their romance. 

Though the "One Direction" singer didn't reveal whether or not the speculations are true, he did asked Ryan to help him out with it.

"I don't have a girlfriend," he said and the host responded, "You should rekindle with Selena. I like her."

Niall quipped, "Sort it out!"

Horan also revealed that it had been "about a year" since he has been in a serious relationship, noting he "prefers" being single.

Interesting enough, Ryan Seacrest, who has been recently connected to Adriana Lima, said he is currently single as well. Then he admitted he has "a good time" without a girlfriend.

Besides chatting about the girls, the two also talked about the future of "One Direction" and the break all their fan's hopes will end soon.

"It's pretty much in the same position as it was when we told people we were taking the break," he said.

"We're just sort of chilling out...We took the break at a time when we thought it was right. We finished five years of solid touring for nine months of the year."

He also revealed that they're all still very good friends and always stay in touch. They call each other or send emails. Horan sees Louis Tomlinson quite often since they don't live too far away from each other.

The singer also said that he I haven't seen Harry Styles and Liam Payne in a while. Then he concluded that it's not because they don't want to but because they've just been really busy.

Niall Horan finally clarified that the media started to turn all of their words and make it look like they all hate each other and "One Direction" will never happen again.