Russia has been criticized by other world powers at the UN Security Council in New York over the chemical weapon deaths in Syria. The UK's foreign secretary together with a rebel commander and a weapons expert stated that evidence pointed to an attack by the Syrian government, Russia's ally.

It turns out that 70 donor nations are discussing aid efforts in the war ravaged country. After the chemical incident at Khan Sheikhoun in Idib province, 20 children and 58 adults were reported to be killed. It is also considered as one of the biggest chemical attacks in Syria since Ghouta in August 2013.

According to BBC, footage from the incident showed civilians choking and foaming from their mouth, out of which many were children. Some of the victims were also treated across the border in Turkey. The gas made the victims feel dizzy and sick affecting them from shortness of breath. It is believed that they were exposed to a neurotoxin agent known as Sarin gas.

There is still no count on how many had been affected, because victims had travelled far to get treatment.  Russia has acknowledged that Syrian attacked Khan Sheikhoun but it says that the aircraft struck a depot producing chemical weapons. The government of Syrian President had denied its forces launched a chemical weapons attack.

UK's Ambassador Mathew Rycroft told the Security Council that Mr. Assad had humiliated Russia by making a mockery. The incident was considered as a horrific and senseless attack. Russia along with China has blocked attempts to impose sanctions on Syria.

The Russian Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov, accused the Syrian rebels of fabricating evidence and accused the UK for being obsessed. As for the US Ambassador, Nikki Haley, she said Syrian chemical attacks will continue if nothing was done. The French UN envoy had also blamed the Assad government for the attack saying it was a destructive madness.