North Korea is one of the most unpredictable countries in the world. The point is, there are very few people in the world who knows about the system of North Korea. The threat is, North Korea has really emerged as a dangerous country in the last decade and it poses a constant threat to the many countries in the world. The threats of North Korea can not be neglected as the country holds a serious Nuclear power and they are looking to strengthen their Nuclear arsenal every year. Though North Korea have few potential enemies but the main enemy of North Korea is the United States. Therefore, it is the time for the U.S president Donald Trump to take initiative.

The newly elected president Donald Trump is really proactive when it comes to the matter of North Korea. At first, Trump was not interested in direct involvement with North Korea. He tried to sort out the North Korean issues with the help of China. According to him, there are thousands of Chinese people who are benefitted from the United States. Therefore, China should take the responsibilities of North Korea.

Recently, the U.S president Donald Trump and the Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping were involved in a meeting. In that meeting One of the prior issues were North Korea. It is known to many politicians that the China has a significant impact on control over the North Korean capital Pyongyang. Therefore, if the United States want control over Pyongyang then China can play a very significant role.

Donald Trump also made one point clear, he said that if China does not take necessary steps to control Pyongyang then the United States is ready to take all necessary actions. At the same time, he made another point clear as he said that the United States have enough power to control the North Korean actions.