Almost 58 people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack in north western Syria. The incident took place in a rebel held town and dozens have been wounded. Victims are treated for injuries including asphyxiation, the strikes on Khan Sheikhoun by the government or Russian jets had caused many people to choke.

The Russian defense ministry insisted that they did not carry out any airstrikes in the area, while a Syrian military source also denied that the government used such weapons. This is one of the deadliest chemical attacks in Syria's civil war as per BBC.

Apparently the war planes were reported to have attacked Khan Sheikhoun early on Tuesday, when many people were asleep. A witness stated that he was awoken by the sound of an explosion at about 06:30 am. When the witness reached the scene he found many people unable to move lying on the floor with constricted pupils.

When the medics had arrived they found many children choking on the street, the Syrian Observatory stated that they had been treating people with symptoms including vomiting and foaming at the mouth. According to the Local Coordination Committees Network warplanes had targeted several clinics.

Out of 58 dead people 11 were reported to be children, other reports said that 67 were killed and more than 300 were injured. There has not been an exact number but at this moment 58 deaths have been confirmed. The high toxic that was dropped is believed to be Sarin and considered to be 20 times more powerful than cyanide.

Sarin is almost impossible to detect because the liquid is colorless and tasteless, it has no odor in its purest form. The president has denied the change and is blaming the fighters, and the use of toxic chemical attacks in Syria has been increased over the past years. While the death rate still increases they are figuring out a way to find out who was behind the tragic incident.