The US Justice Department wants employers and companies to hire qualified Americans instead of H-1B Visa Holders. There must be no discrimination against qualified American workers. A huge number of skilled foreign workers have gone to United States with the H-1B Visa. Many companies hire foreign workers because they make less than the American ones.

The message by the US Justice Department came at the beginning of government acceptance of H-1B visa petitions and the start of the fiscal year. UPI reports the visas are used by technology companies to temporarily hire skilled workers from foreign countries. Many companies in US founded by foreigners like to hire skilled workers that live outside United States.

The US government has complained against this, they believe there are skilled workers inside United States that can get the available jobs. There are already many communities of skilled foreign workers in US that work in technology. California has a very high percentage of foreign workers, many of them live in Silicon Valley.

No discrimination against American workers

Employers and companies violate the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act if citizenship or national origin becomes a priority for them when hiring, firing and recruiting practices. If US employers discount local workers with hiring practices that favor foreigners with H-1B visa holders, they have violated the anti-discrimination laws. The Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of the Civil Rights Division said that the Justice Department will not tolerate employers that discriminate US workers and misuse the H-1B visa to get it. US workers should not be placed in a position of disadvantage, and the Justice Department is committed to investigating and prosecuting these violations of the rights of US workers.

Donald Trump has complained many times about the companies that hire skilled foreign workers instead of US workers. Many important US companies have a high percentage of foreign workers and they dislike the new immigration policies. Many tech companies depend a lot on workers from foreign countries, with India as the main supplier.