The US led coalition air strike in Syria killed more than 30 people in a school near Isis held Raqqa. Activist group stated that the school was sheltering around 50 families when it was destroyed. The Observatory for Human Rights says that it is believed that the US led coalition carried out the attack.

More than 33 people are said to be killed in the airstrike and the school was sheltering displaced people near the Isis city in Syria. It was the activists that counted around 33 bodies at the site of the strike, while this took place in a village of al-Mansoura.

According to the Independent, a US Central Command spokesperson said they have no indication about any striking of civilians near Raqqa, However, the spokesperson said the coalition strikes Isis targets in the area often. Another report said that at least 46 people were killed and most of them were civilians as per the Independent.

The reports stated the strikes targeted an al-Qaeda meeting location in Idlib province, but it denied that the US jets deliberately hit any mosque. Later on another statement said it was not clear where the strikes had taken place. A US Major Josh T Jaques clarified by saying they did not target or strike down a mosque.

Instead the Major said they targeted an al Qaeda gathering across the street from a mosque. The US led coalition accepted to killing nearly 220 civilians in airstrikes against Syria and Iraq. Some of the organizations have warned the real figure may be higher to around 2,700 innocent men, women and children killed during the anti Isis bombing campaign.

People in the Middle East have become frustrated and tired of the terrorists, but unfortunately in war there will be causalities, some terrorists and some innocent civilians. It is a part of the process and in order to end evil some lives need to be sacrificed.