US forces are helping other allies in a new attack on an important area in the IS stronghold. Fighters are on a mission by the American military in a bid to retake Tabqa dam of Raqqa province in Syria. The cause came to action when the US led coalition met in Washington to discuss the battle against IS.

According to BBC, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that it is only a matter of time until the IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed. US aircrafts have already dropped allied Syrian rebel infantry forces near Tabqa Dam. The dam is situated 28 miles west of Raqqa on the Euphrates River.

The Pentagon has confirmed the decision and the aim is to seize to dam, which provides regional electricity. It appears that there is a prison and a military airfield holding IS hostages at the spot. There is no information on how many US personnel were involved, but American troops will not be engaged in front line fighting.

The dam is a significant and a strategic target and the capture will totally cut IS off from western approaches to Raqqa City. The Syrian Democratic Forces and the US allies said their fighters have already seized four villages south of Euphrates River.

With more artillery and troops on the ground, President Donald Trump has sought to reinforce the previous administration on Syria. US advisors are now closer to the front line and are able to coordinate operations in a better manner. Nothing is clear about the full extent of US involvement in the Tabqa dam.

However, there is news that Trump administration is setting out its approach to countering and destroying IS. Tillerson said that US is ready to grow stronger and stay aggressive in the battle against the so called Islamic state. He further stated that it is the policy of the US to destroy and demolish the barbaric terrorist organization.