Ivanka Trump is all set to join her father's administration as an unpaid employee, she will hold the title as "assistant to the president." The White House is pleased that Ivanka has chosen to take a step in her unprecedented role as first daughter.

Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner is already a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, she has been attending meetings with world leaders including the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She made a statement saying she has been working in good faith with the White House Council.

According to BBC, experts in ethics cried foul when she was to be given the West Wing office and security clearance. This was because there was no formal joining in the administration. Critics said that Ivanka's role needed to be made official only then she could be bound by federal employee transparency and ethical standards, including a law prohibiting conflicts of interest.

Ivanka's lawyer will file the necessary financial disclosures and be subject to official ethics rules. Ivanka has already taken steps to limit possible conflicts of interest in her business affairs, she also stepped down from her leadership role in the Trump organization. However, she will continue to receive fixed payments in the real estate firm.

Norman Eisen who was Barrack Obama's ethics counselor made a statement saying, he is hoping this does not turn out to be an isolated moment of sanity. Mr. Eisen was one among several lawyers who wrote last week to the White House counsel Don McGahn. He complained about Ivanka Trump's appointment.

Around two weeks ago Ivanka sat near Angela Markel, during the German chancellor's visit to US. This is certainly a moment in American history for Ivanka Trump to join the administration and be her father's assistant. She will continue to work along with the administration in good faith.