US President Donald Trump signed an executive order by rolling back Barrack Obama's rules, which he aimed and curbing climate change. Trump had made a statement that this will put an end to the job killing regulations in the US and also end the war on coal.

The Business groups have appreciated the president for this move, but it turns out that the environmental campaigners have condemned it. The Energy Independence Executive Order suspends more than six measures, which was enacted by Obama and it also increases fossil fuels. While Trump signed to order he said his administration was putting an end to the war on coal.

According to BBC, during the election campaign Trump vowed to withdraw the US out of the Paris climate deal that was agreed in December 2015. Trump's administration believes that the executive order will certainly take historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy. In addition it will reverse the government's intrusion and put an end to all job killing regulations.

As for Trump's predecessor Obama, he felt that climate change was real and it cannot be avoided. But Trump seems to be taking a very different approach to the environment, among all the initiatives is the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to slash carbon emissions.

The administration said that scrapping the plan will reduce America's reliance on imported fuel and put people to work. Right after this Trump will be moving forward on energy production in the US. The aim of Obama's administration was to protect the environment while providing people with work.

The executive order that has been signed is practical and philosophical, at the same time it will attempt change with the US narrative on climate change. There will also be new and less restrictive rules on methane emissions from the oil and industry. There will be more freedom to sell coal leases from federal lands.