Ivanka Trump’s clothing line had been garnering buyers lately. Thanks to being Trump’s daughter and a resident of the White House. Yet, a Californian retailer doesn’t quite appeal to Ivanka’s clothing brand, Trump Marks LLC being a competitor in the industry.

According to The Washington Post, Modern Appealing Clothing also known as MAC stated that they are a boutique that is directly in competition with the First Daughter’s clothing brand. The Californian retailer then filed a lawsuit against Trump Marks LLC in the Superior Court of California last week.

Furthermore, the lawsuit then stated that Ivanka uses “the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain.” MAC also cited her husband Jared Kushner and of course her father, President Donald Trump. Sean Spicer was also claimed by the family owned boutique to “used his positions” to aid Ivanka’s business per LA Times.

With that said, MAC claims that Trump Marks LLC had their sales surged after Trump’s election. Yet, the boutique didn’t mentioned any reliable source. MAC then stated that they and other boutiques in California are finding themselves at a complete disadvantage.

Fortune also said that MAC identifies the time when Donald Trump tweeted against Nordstrom for dumping his daughter’s brand to be one of the unfair advantages. The event was then claimed by MAC to be the reason for Trump Marks LLC sales boost. President’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway’s statement during a Fox News interview, "go buy Ivanka stuff" was also mentioned as well.

Moreover, the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and restraining order against Ivanka’s brand in California on behalf of all Californian retailers. Nonetheless, no official statement had been released from Ivanka’s side.

Yet, it was mentioned that Ivanka tries to isolate herself from Trump Marks LLC as she appoints a new president to avoid any further feuds. It was also mentioned that Kushner’s wife also now separates link between her social media life and her clothing brand.