President Donald Trump did not expect the US Healthcare deal they way he wanted it to be, but he is not giving up so easy and has demanded a make or break vote in the House of Representatives. The vote on the healthcare bill has been delayed due to the opposition from some of the Republican's.

The American Health Care Act will probably replace parts of the "Obamacare" law. Trump was clearly mentioned to his Republicans that they have no choice between voting for his bill, he also said that those who do not will face political consequences or they could chose to be stuck with Obamacare for good as per BBC.

The president has made a warning during a meeting at the White House and it turns out that there are high stakes for Trump on healthcare vote. Republican Paul Ryan stated they have been promising the American people for seven and a half years to replace the broken law. He further said it is collapsing and failing families.

Some of the Republicans who are Trump's supporters like Chris Collins said, the president needs the vote tomorrow and for any reason it goes down they are still going to move forward with additional parts of the agenda.

Trump had kept the fire burning when he took to social media and tweeted, "After seven horrible years of Obamacare this is finally a chance for your great plan." Republicans have a chance to roll back the healthcare reform passed by Barrack Obama and Democrats. However, the moderates are upset that the proposed legislation cuts health coverage too much.

Some of the other people are angry that the changes don't get far enough. As for Trump, he clearly said if thing do not go his way he will surely abandon the entire effort. Most of them will not want that to happen, but in the end it all depends on the vote.