President Donald Trump's Mexican border wall is facing a delay as Republicans consider putting its funding on hold. Apparently the funds to build the wall will be left out of a spending bill and the bill must pass by 28 April, to avert a partial government shutdown. Mr. Trump requested a supplemental funding bill to include money for the wall. This will also include other military programs.

Senator Roy Blunt said that Trump's request could complicate negotiations, but all of the committees including the House and Senate Leaderships are working together to finalize the rest of the FY17 bill. Mr. Blunt further said that it comes together without the supplemental and the supplemental funding could be dealt with later.

According to BBC, the president proposed for $1.5 billion in order to get the wall through Congress as part of the spending bill. The spending bill also funds federal agencies to the end of the current fiscal year. There are some challenges faced in getting the bill passed, the Democrats are threatening to block the bill if money for the controversial wall is included.

On the flipside the government will shut down some of the federal agencies at midnight on 28 April, this will take place if Congress is unable to pass the spending bill. The well known "great wall" along the US - Mexican border was a cornerstone of Mr. Trump's presidential campaign.

The plan on building the wall has faced resistance with both Republicans and Democrats, and it has been estimated to cost more than the price tag quoted by the president. It appears that Republicans are under pressure to keep the government running after they failed to secure a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

However, they will not remove federal funding for woman's healthcare and provider Planned Parenthood in the upcoming bill.  The US Department of Homeland Security has pushed back a deadline for proposals to build the wall. Progress can be made only until and unless the bill is passed.