"Days of Our Lives" Monday episode is like the typical sweet and sour treat where viewers would be having some nice moments to relish but it would also be tinged with some sadness and trouble. While Abby is safe and released from hospital, Gabi is still inside and unconscious. Steve, Kayla and Tripp are embroiled in the paternity test and busy finding the truth about Tripp's parentage.

"Days of Our Lives" Monday episode is going to give viewers some relief but pain is also in store as not all is well. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Abby is safe as she has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home under Chad's care but Gabi is still in danger. She remains bedridden at the hospital and has not gained consciousness.

On the other hand, Steve, Kayla and Tripp are on their mission to find the truth about Tripp's parentage. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest at the trio moving closer to finding the truth. Steve and Tripp take a paternity test to determine if Steve is indeed the father, Soap She Knows claimed.  Elsewhere, Paul and Sonny finally make love but the latter gets severely furious when Deimos demotes him.

Speaking of love, Nicole is stunned when Brady confesses his love for her after returning to Canada. Things also turn awry for her when she and Brady invite their neighbours for dinner. Nevertheless, Kate and Marlena have a girls' night out and Adrienne eventually makes a choice between Lucas and Justin. Moving ahead, "Days of Our Lives" will take different turns and viewers can rest assured that it is going to be a roller-coaster ride.

It is worth mentioning here that the past few episodes have not been easy on "Days of Our Lives" as Deimos kidnapped Abby and Gabi and gave Chad a tough time, asking him to make an impossible choice.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on weekdays on NBC.