"Scandal" Season 6 Episode 7 was quite the shocker as it saw a beloved character getting shot. Huck was shot by Meg multiple times but it is yet to be seen if he really lost his life in the shooting.

"Scandal" Season 6 Episode 7 titled "A Traitor Among Us" was shocking to the core as it saw Huck, the prolific hacker, getting shot by Meg. According to ABC News, the shooting has left fans shocked and they are speculating if Huck has gone for good. What has added to the mystery is actor Guillermo Diaz's (who plays Huck) tweet in which he has expressed solidarity with his fans and told them that they mean a lot to him and the team.

In fact, leading lady Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope also tweeted about Huck saying she really loves him. So, does this mean Huck died on "Scandal" Season 6 Episode 7? Well, fans would have to wait till next episode to find out and who knows it might even take longer. Still, it has to be said that the shooting was shocking and it has been a long time since some major character died on "Scandal," E! News claimed.

However, if Huck dies, it would be a major setback to Olivia as he was on a mission and had been tasked by her to kill her father as the latter had killed Frankie. During the task, he got to know that someone had asked Rowan to kill Frankie and this someone threatened a person close to him and also deputed a mole to be on Liv's side.

What is interesting is that "Scandal" Season 6 Episode 7 saw Rowan admitting that he killed Frankie to protect Olivia. He also requested Huck to find out the informer which he does only to get shot by Meg in the hotel.

"Scandal" Season 6 airs on every Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.