Meredith and Alex have been the best of friends through all the seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" but now actor Justin Chambers has said that anything is possible. Also, fans have been rooting for this couple for a while and it looks like the ABC medical drama could be headed in that direction as there is a strong reason why it should.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans have been wondering if they could see Meredith and Alex coming together as a couple on Season 13 and now Justin Chambers aka Alex has hinted at the same being a possibility. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said that anything is possible and friends can become lovers. However, he did add that he is very comfortable with the duo being platonic, like brother and sisters, and friends.

In his views, the platonic relationship suits Alex and Meredith better. Nevertheless, he was open to the idea of their romantic linkup and cited his own relationship with his wife as evidence. Chambers said that nobody knows how things go as he was friends with his wife before they started dating. He added that Alex and Meredith have been friends for a long time and it would be a little weird for them to come together but anything is possible.

In the meantime, support has been pouring for the couple and one very strong reason why "Grey's Anatomy" should pair them together is that they are best friends. According to Vulture, not all best friends end together but Alex and Meredith need to.  They have been there for one another through much. It is difficult to imagine the two unloading their difficult life stories on anyone else other than each other.

Alex and Meredith understand each other perfectly and even Jo (Alex's love interest) knows it. In fact, she is intimidated by Meredith. Well, "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 has given viewers a treat in the form of April and Jackson reuniting and it would not be really surprising if Alex and Meredith also end up in each other's arms.