"Beauty and the Beast," the Disney production is going great guns at the weekend box office and is far ahead of all other releases in terms of collection. It has grossed the fourth largest ten-day total collections of all times and other releases like "Power Rangers," "Kong: Skull Island" have failed to be much of a match.

"Beauty and the Beast" is the box office king at the weekend box office as no other release has been able to challenge its supremacy. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Disney flick has grossed a total of $316.9 million in North America in just ten days. It has made two other records as well as it scored the fourth largest ten-day gross of all times and also earned the fourth largest second-weekend collection of all time.

In foreign shores, "Beauty and the Beast" received $119.2 million and it has added to the huge $690.4 overall total. The film is estimated to have collected a total of $1.3 billion on the global scale. As for other releases, "Power Rangers" has earned $40.5 million and it is expected to earn back its huge production budget of $100 million. Nevertheless, the profitability of the Lionsgate flick will be determined by its performance in the international market.

Following "Power Rangers" is "Kong: Skull Island," the Warner Bros. action film which has grossed a total of $ 14.4 million over its third weekend. In U.S. and Canada, it has made $133.5 million altogether and its overseas collections have clocked $258.6 million and the global total has turned $392.1 million.

So, only "Power Rangers" and "Kong: Skull Island" stand anywhere near "Beauty and the Beast." Others movies like "Life" and "Slamma Jamma" that also debuted at the box office do not even stand a remote chance in comparison to "Beauty and the Beast."

It is worth mentioning here that "Beauty and the Beast" released on March 17, 2017.