"Star Wars" fans need not be disappointed as Disney has strong plans in mind to come up with more creative stuff after Episode IX. The franchise has a bright future ahead and till something new comes up, fans can enjoy the interesting stories Mark Hamill has been sharing on Twitter.

While it is not yet clear Disney has plans to expand the "Star Wars" franchise further after Episode IX, Comicbook claimed. As of now, the studio plans to finish their on-going trilogy but talks are in progress to carry the juggernaut ahead. At a press conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that fans can expect a lot from the franchise as they are starting talks about what could happen after Episode IX and they are exploring what could be another decade-and-a-half Star Wars stories.

Notably, "Star Wars" fans are eager to see more of the franchise. The "Star Wars" universe is full of stories that are waiting to be told and the success of characters like Rey and Poe have only strengthened the faith of fans. "Star Wars" franchise can easily carry forward with standalone ventures as well as trilogies.

Meanwhile, Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, who starred in the original trilogy and shot to instant fame only to experience a downward spiral, has been sharing interesting stories and photos from the "Star Wars" past. The actor revealed that several pants were made for him and stunt double Colin Skeaping for the movie. He also disclosed a fun fact about his leggings sharing that they were off-the-shelf bleached w/back pockets from Levi's whose label was razored off.

It may be mentioned here that it is not the first time that Hamill has shared such details from "Star Wars" history. 2001 saw him revealing some funny trivia about Harrison Ford who would dance with him to bad pop music in his dressing room but would stop immediately when anyone would come inside.