Chloe Lukasiak left "Dance Moms" three years back but she made an appearance on the winter finale of the seventh season. Ever since the appearance, fans have been wondering if she would return to the dance floor as she had a tiff with coach Abby Lee Miller. Also, another contestant, Maddie Ziegler has bared her heart about the controversial coach.

"Dance Moms" star Chloe Lukasiak was back on the reality show when she made a surprise appearance on the Season 7 finale, Seventeen claimed. It was an emotional entry and ever since it happened, fans have been wondering if she would make a comeback. As for Lukasiak, she was overjoyed to be with her friends and admitted that she missed competing alongside them. Explaining to her mom Christie, Chloe said that her "Dance Moms" friends are the ones she grew up with.

Notably, Chloe left "Dance Moms" in 2014 on a bitter note when she was mocked and criticized by instructor Abby Lee Miller. Miller had allegedly made fun of her eye and later it was found out that it was the result of a sinus collapse. Though the incident seems to be a matter of past, Chloe did say last night that she did not want to see Abby.

Speaking of Abby, Maddie Ziegler, another "Dance Moms" star has opened up about her experience with the controversial instructor. According to People, Ziegler admitted to learning a lot of lessons from Abby and said that she had the craziest time when she was with her and on her team. However, she added that she was glad that she moved on from it.

Ziegler said that she feels like she has never been happier in her life. She believes that the "Dance Moms" drama and competition also took a toll on her. By her own admission, she was stressed at 11 years old and it should not have happened. She also admitted that she keeps in touch with the girls on the show.