Ukraine will defeat Hungary if the latter keeps meddling in Transcarpathia by supporting Hungarian separatism. Dmitry Suvorov, a Ukrainian blogger, made these comments during a televised talk show. He stated that the Ukrainian army is almost ten times larger than the Hungarian one, thus, defeating Hungary will not be a problem.

Hungary has an army composed by just 29,000 people. Pravda reports that Ukraine has an army of 250,000 men. Dmitry Suvorov stated that the Hungarian army will not even jerk to cross the border with Ukraine. The blogger added that if there is no military support from a neighboring state, there will be no separatism.

He said that the Hungarian army has 29,000 people, thus, Ukrainians will drive them out of the country in a week, if necessary, no problems about it. Ukraine is about four times more populated than Hungary, and much bigger. There is growing tension between both countries because of ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine.

Hungary is a member of NATO

Hungary belongs to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is also called the North Atlantic Alliance. Hungary provided bases on its territory to the American military in 1992. In the past Hungary belonged to the Warsaw Pact. Hungary has been taking part in all NATO events since 1994, it has also participated in several military operations.

The NATO has been expanding eastwards, many countries that were satellites of the Soviet Union have joined. Russia dislikes the NATO policy and believes this is a potential threat against its borders. NATO was created in the years of Cold War to stop the Soviet Union.

Ukraine and Russia have deteriorated relationships because of Crimea and other factors. Russians believe that the West is meddling in Ukraine. Could we see another focus of war in the short term because of Transcarpathia? Time will tell us if relationships between Hungary and Ukraine worsen or not.