The Human Resource Minister Of India Prakash Javadekar has confirmed that children without Aadhar Card will not be deprived of Midday meal. Initially, leaders from BJP proposed that children without any Aadhar Card will not be facilitated under the Midday meal scheme in order to stop corruption. But in reality, there are thousands of children who do not have the Aadhar card, therefore, if the previous proposal was sanctioned thousands of children would get deprived of the midday meal facility which is really undesirable.

After BJP made the proposal, the opposition party Congress protested against it and the opposition leader Motilal Vohra has raised his voice against it. During the protest, he has reported that if Aadhar card becomes mandatory for the students then there will be about 12 Crore students who will be deprived of the mid-day meal which can not be tolerated by any means.

After the protest of Congress party, BJP has decided to turn over the previous proposal. Due to that the HRD minister of India has proposed that Children who do not have the Aadhar card will not be deprived of the midday meal. At the same time, the HRD minister of India suggested that each and every student of India will get the 12 digit identity number very soon.

Prakash Javadekar also made a very crucial proposal as well. He has proposed that in the case of central government is not able to provide the identification number, the state government will provide the student with a unique identification number.

Though, the Central Government has initially allowed students without the Aadhar card to have the midday meal. But it is clear that sooner or later the government will force in order to make Aadhar cards for the students. If this system is properly utilized then it is expected that it will prevent a lot of corruption regarding the midday meal.