Google has just launched the preview version of the next Android operating system which will be not surprisingly named as 'Android O'. Google has just unwrapped the latest operating system and it is currently at the developing stage. Talking about the 'Android O' operating system then it can be easily said, it is very early days for the operating system. Google will release four preview versions of the operating system before finalizing its features. It is expected that the operating system will launch with all expected features in the summer of this year.

Though it is very early days for 'Android O' but still some of the most important features of this operating system is discussed. It is expected that the discussion will give a clearer idea of the operating system.

The notification bar of the 'Android O' gives a user more control. A user can get a customized notification bar and at the same time, the notification bar will be really useful to the users.

The 'Android O' operating system will come with background limits. This feature is going to save a lot of battery life by controlling the apps running in the background. At the same time, this feature will be very handy for the processor of the phone. 

The autofill APIs of this operating system has improved a lot. With the help of these APIs, a user can easily put all the important information at the same time, the APIs are lot secured as well. 

In the 'Android O' operating system, the connectivity feature is a lot improved. The Bluetooth connection is also very much improved as well. A wireless headphone can be easily connected with this improved version of the Bluetooth.

The most important feature of 'Android O' is improved keyboard navigation system. This feature will add a lot of flexibility to devices like Chromebook.

Therefore, these features can be considered as the most important features of 'Android O'. It can be expected that this operating system will create a good impression among the users.