After digging for a century, scientists have figured out that the classification of two major type dinosaurs went completely wrong. Scientists have revealed that the mistakes were something serious and it was like identifying a dog as a cat.

At the same time, the new research has suggested that the physical location of the dinosaurs also figured out as wrong. At first, scientists pointed at a cat fossil in Scotland and named it as a dinosaur fossil. But now it looks like that the things are back on track.

Right now, the dinosaurs are classified into two groups one group is called Saurischia and another group is called Ornithischia. Scientists have generally classified the dinosaurs according to the structure of their hipbone. If the tailbone structure of the dinosaurs is like the bird then it is called ornithischian like Velociraptor. At the same time, if the tail bone structure is like lizard then it is called Saurischian like T-Rex. 

Few Saurischian dinosaurs do fall in Therapod type of dinosaurs. Therapod dinosaurs are generally meat-eating.Tyrannosaurus Rex is a kind of dinosaurs who fall into the therapod category. At the same time, this dinosaur is a Saurischian as well because it has a tailbone structure like a lizard. 

 A recent report at The Guardian stated that the bird-like category Ornithischian is much similar to the Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Therefore, it can be said that species like Velociraptor r much similar to the Triceratops.

But a recent report suggested that Therapods which were thought similar to the Saurischian have similarities with the Ornithischian as well. Therefore, based on the new research it can be said that the therapods are linked with the species like Stegosaurus and Triceratops. 

Simultaneously, the new research has opened a new chapter in the field of paleontology. This report will help plenty of paleontologist in the future as well.