"The Amazing Race" Season 29 is all set to premiere on March 30 but it is for the first time that the show will feature complete strangers as contestants. Also, CBS has decided to telecast it on Thursdays and the reality show will be replacing "Training Days" which has been experiencing poor ratings of late.

"The Amazing Race" Season 29 premieres on March 30 and in a first of its kind, the show will be featuring complete strangers as competitors, TV Guide has learned. This time, the contestants will not know each other and thus, there is no chance of any pre-existing relationship influencing the participants. The racers will be required to complete a challenge and then they will be paired up at the starting line in order to pick a teammate.

Speaking about the novel feature of "The Amazing Race" Season 29, host Phil Keoghan said that fans have been suggesting the inclusion of complete strangers for a long time. So, this time the demand has been fulfilled and the newbie racers will begin the journey with no pre-existing relationships or emotional baggage. Notably, this idea had made an entry in "The Amazing Race" Season 26 but it was not implemented completely. Only five of the eleven teams had strangers as participants.

In related news, "The Amazing Race" Season 29 will be replacing "Training Days." According to Reality TV World, CBS has cancelled the original plan to premiere it on April 21. In fact, it is the poor ratings of "Training Days" that has paved the way for "The Amazing Race" Season 29 Thursday timing. As for "Training Days," it has been shifted to Saturdays.

Well, the new time slot and the new feature is definitely going to give a new flavor to "The Amazing Race" Season 29. It is very different from the last season that had contestants with sizeable social media influence. This is why it was criticized by fans. The contestants failed to strike chords with viewers, leading to delay in announcement of "The Amazing Race" Season 29.