Viewers of "Days of Our Lives" should get ready for some dark drama this week as characters come across tough situations in their lives. Chad is constantly threatened by Deimos and the latter gives him an impossible choice. While Chad's friends are busy searching for him, Steve is also on the lookout for his son he never met.

This week on "Days of Our Lives" has pretty explosive drama lined up. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Deimos gives Chad an impossible choice as he asks him to choose between Abigail and Gabi. He can save only one of them and it is not yet clear who does Chad eventually side with. Both women are dear to him and it is indeed an agonizing choice for him.

On the other hand, JJ, Dario, and Paul are searching for the three as they know that their loved ones are in danger. The dangerous Deimos is breathing fire and it remains to be seen if they will be able to track down the trio in time. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers do indicate danger and risk but it is not like everything is spinning out of control.

Steve and Kayla manage to trace their son Tripp to a diner in Arizona, Soap She Knows claimed. Not only this, Steve and Tripp also undergo a paternity test to see if Steve is indeed his father. However, their real son Joey is stuck in a difficult love story. He is looking after Jade and she is loving all the attention that is coming her way. It looks like he will find it difficult to break off things with her.

Among others, Adrienne gets the moral support from her loved ones as she gets ready for her mastectomy surgery. She also makes up her mind and eventually chooses between Lucas and Justin. She sided with Lucas. Brady and Eric are reunited and the warmth is there for everyone to see. The former also confesses his love for Nicole.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on weekdays on NBC.