"Days of Our Lives" Wednesday episode gives viewers a peek into the mind of Deimos who is dying to get revenge against Chad. This episode sees him disclosing a shocking plan to his rival. Also, Abigail is missing and it remains to be seen if Dario and Chad will team up to find her. Abe is shocked when he finds out that his daughter is dating her partner.

"Days of Our Lives" Wednesday episode comes up with shocks for viewers. According to spoilers from SoapHub, it sees Deimos making a shocking revelation. He is hungry for revenge and wants Chad to pay for stealing his antiquities contact. He is aware that Chad longs for the best friend of his wife and he will be taking advantage of this fact that he got to know during the hostage drama.

So, he comes up with an evil plan and reveals it to Chad. He would give him an impossible choice just the way he did with Sophie. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers also suggest more difficulty for Chad ahead. He knows he has hurt Abigail. However, he had the satisfaction that he would have an entire life to spend with her and make amends. Little did he know that the satisfaction would be snatched away from him.

Chad and Dario are shocked when they find out that Abigail is missing but it is still not clear if the former would ask the latter to help him to find her. If he finds out that Dario has feelings for Abigail, he might refrain from availing his help. Speaking of missing, it remains to be seen when someone will realize that Gabi is also missing.

Nevertheless, Deimos may not have a smooth run as "Days of Our Lives" spoilers indicate Sonny trying to acquire confidential information about Deimos. He wants Victor to choose him as his replacement and during this exercise learns that Chad could be in danger. Last but not the least, Abe is shocked when he finds out that his daughter is dating JJ but he hopes JJ will walk away from her.