Jenny Slate and Chris Evans made waves when they were together but now that they have broken up, the comedian has bared her heart about the split. In an interview, she waxed eloquent about their year-long relationship and how she felt about their pairing.

Jenny Slate has come up with frank admissions about her split with Chris Evans, People claimed. The 35-year-old-actress has acknowledged that the differences in their personality and outlook led to their split. In an interview with Vulture, she said that Chris is a very famous person and it is totally different for him to go to a restaurant in comparison to her.

The attention he was getting eventually after Captain America became too much to handle for her. Jenny Slate said that she needed to be alone to feel normal. However, it is not that she is bitter about having spent time with Chris Evans. She reminisces the moments of their togetherness with great fondness and recalls how they hit it off instantly after their first meeting which happened during a chemistry reading for their film "Gifted."

In the words of Jenny Slate, she really liked Chris Evans because he was unpretentious but when he expressed a romantic interest in her, she felt like it was some sort of prank. Slate did not think she was his type but she took a chance at last. Sadly, Evans' fame came in between and since she was also fresh from a divorce, things eventually failed to work out.

Notably, Slate had recently separated from Fleischer-Camp when Evans entered her life. Talking about the divorce, she said that it was amicable but she thinks that it is something that needs to be mourned. Slate feels that it is like the destruction of a belief system but she wanted to step into the light and found Evans to be the perfect harbor.