Narges Kalbasi Ashtari is a British-Iranian charity worker who started working in India from 2011. Narges has been barred from leaving the country since 2014 due to a court battle over the death of a young boy. In Iran Narges has been described as a "benevolent lady" who dedicated her life to underprivileged children.

Unfortunately she is known as a foreign charity worker who may have caused the death of a child. Supports from Iran including actors, lawyers and celebrities have signed an open letter to the foreign minister for her freedom. Most of her supporters believe that she was working for poor children in India and ended up becoming a victim of local politics.

According to BBC, Narges 28 was sentenced to a year in jail for causing the death of a boy by negligence during a picnic she organized. Though she has appealed against the jail term and is currently out on bail, the charity worker has been going through a painful wait for justice since 2014.

She denied causing the death and stated she was caught up in tribal politics and corruption. Narges has gone through the most horrific forms of abuse by a group of people with immense power, influence and protection. He petition has been signed by hundreds and thousands of people but the aid worker still never found justice.

The sad part is that it was her dream to work in India, but she never imagined that she will have to face a legal case in the country. The case is about a five year old boy who got swept away in a river current during a picnic that Narges organized. The complaint against her insisted that she deliberately threw the boy in the river.

According to Narges standpoint, she was implicated in the case after she refused to pay bribes to tribesmen and officials after the accident. Narges has worked in one of India's poorest states and she it still fighting for her freedom.