Applications with all in one convenience had been rampant nowadays. With the leading app, Slack and HipChat, Microsoft resolved to be an e-mail traffic corporate giant as well with its new productivity app, Teams.

According to The Star, Teams had already left preview mode and is now being tried by millions of Office 365 users and as well as Expedia Inc. and Alaska Air Group Inc. It was also noted that aside from upgrading productivity to the next level, inventing Teams is also a way for Microsoft to let users try the new Office 365.

“Unlike Slack, we don't believe e-mail is going to die or that our job is to eliminate it,” said Brian MacDonald, one of Teams' co-creators. “It may need to be right-sized because it is being used for things it was never intended for.”

Rolling out in Office 465 users with more than 85 million monthly users, Engadget reported that some of Team’s features work way better than Slack. The app may seem to be similar yet moving into other conversations while browsing was mentioned to be done by Slack in three years yet Teams had it already featured in a jiffy. Teams offering video chats with supporting up to 80 people was mentioned to might replace conference calls as well. Similarities include chat bots for Teams like that in Slack.

Aside from integrating its power software’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Power BI on Teams, it was stated that 150 more software integrations will come. Software integrations in the future are said to include Growbot, SAP SuccessFactors and Trello. On the other hand, competitor Slack doesn’t plan to just slack off. The app was also reported to introduce Enterprise Grid to compete with Microsoft’s Teams last January.

Slack then gave their statement on their rival Teams. The company said that they had created the category and they are confident with their product. "the business opportunity is huge,” Slack said. HipChat also released a statement that “The actual team doesn't really have much say in purchasing or evaluating it.”