Drones have been widely used for many purposes in today's world, a start up organization named AirMap offers real time mapping services to drones and it allows them to operate their flight plan. Recently Microsoft Ventures invested a funding of $26 million to the start up in order to carry on with their operations.

AirMap provides information about aircraft's in their area and temporary no fly zones issued by the government. The company is also looking forward for a future where flying cars could be involved as per the Verge.

Pilots are allowed to crash in an environment with fewer consequences before flying into the real world due to Microsoft's drone simulator. AirMap has been a leader in low altitude airspace management, and the startup will certainly play an essential role in shaping the future of the drone industry.

Microsoft Ventures are happy to support the growth of AirMap and the growth for commercial recreational applications for piloted and autonomous drones. The venture strongly believes that investing in companies like AirMap will help to grow the future of the drone ecosystem.

The $26 million will help AirMap to expand fast and increase the competitive market, the startup will be opening new offices in Berlin and Mountain View. While it already has partnerships in place with 3D Robotics, Intel and DJI all have integrated its flights data with their drones and ground control stations.

The CEO of AirMap Ben Marcus stated that the potential of drones will benefit every sector of economy. It is also believed that soon enough millions of drones will fly billions of flights. This future depends on a safe, autonomous drone operation. AirMap is also one of the few companies that will join forces with the government to protect critical airspace. At this moment the investment of Microsoft Ventures will benefit the company to take operations quicker.