Security had always been a top priority for people all over the world. In terms of smartphones, personal files and as such. Yet, WikiLeaks had been reported to release Vault 7 documents. In which the mentioned files contained Central Intelligence Agency’s hacking tools.

According to The Guardian, the leaked CIA documents by WikiLeaks goes by the name Vault 7 documents. It was then revealed how the CIA uses hacking in electronic devices such as smartphones, TV and others. CIA’s cooperation with a British Intelligence in compromising smart TVs as a surveillance for citizens was also revealed.

Furthermore, WikiLeaks also revealed CIA’s program Weeping Ange which turns Samsung smart TVs into “Fake Off” mode. In which a Samsung F8000 TV set could still be used for monitoring even though it is turned off.

“We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents,” responded CIA spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak. White House press secretary, Sean Spicer stated that he would not further make any comments since the WikiLeaks released documents were matters that need to be fully evaluated.

With that said, New York Times reported that major companies Apple, Google and Microsoft are now taking steps in assessing how their products were hacked. WikiLeaks then said that 14 security flaws were found in Apple’s iOS software system. Apple then responded that many of those patches are being fixed as updates are released while the remaining issues are being taken care of.

Google also responded to the revealed two dozen of flaws found in Android’s operating system by Alphabet’s Google division. Google then said that WikiLeaks revealed flaws are currently being studied by them since the Android operating system is more difficult to secure than Apple’s. Microsoft also responded that they are also reviewing the said infecting DVDs and USB storage devices with malware.

“This leak will challenge those ties to some extent. But I don’t see companies simply walking away from the table as a result of this.” David Gutelius, chief executive of Motiva stated. He had also worked with the federal government on national security projects.

You could view the detailed WikiLeaks Vault 7 document of CIA’s hacking tools here.