Amazon’s Alexa, Echo and Echo Dot are no doubt convenient for some people. Yet, that just doesn’t end as Amazon’s home virtual assistant as Amazon integrates its Alexa app on Apple’s iPhone.

According to Mac Observer, iPhone users could now talk to Alexa through the Amazon shopping app. Apple rolling out AI Alexa was mentioned to accomplish things when the microphone is pressed. Things like placing, finding orders, keeping track of shipments and playing music are said to be done by Alexa inside the iPhone.

Yet, it was noted that before things take place, an iPhone user must first download the Alexa app separate from the Amazon shopping app. So that when the Amazon Shopping App is launched, an available microphone button beside Amazon shopping app search bar appears to access Alexa.

Furthermore, aside from the aforementioned things that Amazon Alexa could do on the iPhone, users are granted for more than 10,000 skills. Unlike Siri which needs to be tapped and hold, simply tapping Alexa’s microphone button does the job per ARS Technica.

However, Alexa on the Amazon app seemed to do Siri stuff like conversing, telling a joke and more. But, Alexa doesn’t, of course, responds to “Hey, Siri.” The Siri app is said to more convenient since Alexa isn’t available on the Alexa up rather it need the Amazon Shopping App to be spoken to. Bottom-line is, all Alexa skills could be accessed through the use of your smartphone. Provided that Amazon Shopping App is launched as well.

With that all said, Apple’s Siri is said to need to step up its game since Amazon Alexa seemed to get into the “to-go” category. In which iPhone users could speak to the AI Assistant anywhere.

Amazon shopping app and Alexa app is reported to be free on Apple’s App Store. If not available by then, it is advised to wait patiently until next week since Amazon had just added the Alexa app to the store.